Interview with the Techn0Log

Interview with the Techn0Log chief developer

Interview with the Techn0Log chief developer of the decentralized platform SmartHoldem

1. SmartHoldem postures itself as a completely independent platform. However, somebody manages supports and debugs it in case of program malfunction, does not? How it can be associated with «Independence»?


SmartHoldem is a zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure gaming integrity and maintain anonymity of information, where all the net members do not need to trust each other or anyone. The platform is protected by a reliable distributed register with the advanced modified encryption technologies.


All process are implemented and regulated by the unique technology of the P2P nodes, public BlockChain, GameNet, deterministic SmartEvents algorithm and more advanced 2nd Delegate L Proof-of-Stake. Tickets for a tournament game, the random number generation, payment of prize money, affiliate programme, SuperNodes bonus as well as charge on the distributed network are carried out with the SmartEvents algorithm, without human intervention.


A new technology protocol, developed in the SmartHoldem Platform, SmartEvents is a heart of the system, guarantor, gaming arbiter and the betting bank. SmartEvents provides some other innovative functions related to events. Within the SmartEvents protocol, programming language is used, supporting the Turing construction with the functions required for the automated events performance.


At this moment no one public blockchain provides such technologies, and no other chain is ready for large-scale use in the PokerRoom segment. In order to provide better safety interconnection with the quantum computers, some consensus, based on the neural networks and acyclic graphs investigations are carried out.


Platform startup is based on the several stages:


The first is ICO Crowdfinding with the participation of the independent escrow, in other words, guarantors, ensuring safety of the participant’s funds and fulfillment of terms, promised by the previous platform developers. In further words, all collected ICO funds are in the possession of the guarantors, and after implementation of the approved stages should be partially sent to the developers. Very few people among the organizers can decide to deal with guarantors. Such way ensures safety of the ICO participant’s funds and


The second is BlockChain and start stack startup (wallets, super nodes, API, very high-bit-rate transactions, multi-signatures), open source code release in the github, formation of developer communities, players and new outlets. It is carried out in accordance with the escrow agreement. At this stage the standart operating mode of the SmartHoldem decentralized network, where all members are free to use necessary operating like in the BitCoin network with the special customer-wallet.


The third is a Platform development. Integration of the game studios, upgrading, supported by the interested developers, SDK extension (for Unreal Engine & Unity 3D) and new plug-ins. Poker-Room is the first of the game applications, connected to the decentralized network on the BlockChain. Poker-Room is gone through several development stages along with the poker players and being tested, developed to the best application.


The fourth is the further platform support by the independent community and interested blockchain and games developers. At this moment we calculate the full development of the platform till 2019, based on the route chart.


Answering about independence. On staring with the second stage, the platform is developed into the off-line operation, where the interested participants can add new operations for games, plug-ins, make additions and update without modifiers of the P2P network main consensus.

At this stage a network runs on the peer-to-peer nodes worldwide. Each participant, supporting this network, can obtain a prize fund from the gameplays «mining» and network fees. Gaming platform with an independent economy is developed here.


As BlockChain in itself is the same data layout and supported by any interested participant of the SmartHoldem community, in other words, any participants can install server with the specially designed software, which works in the determinated logic (it is a hard-coded logic on the network run and not amenable to modification), including platform developers cannot modify network consensus, as the distributed data base is stored on the hundreds/thousands independent nodes worldwide.


2. Explain the platform functions: where it is stored (on which service, hosting service), what a player is needed to do in order to gain an access?


SmartHoldem platform architecture is a distributed Peer-to-Peer network with set of the unique functions and cryptography, required for complete gaming and economic components of the platform authoring. Here are no points failures, as is no hosting server. This platform consists of hundreds (after in years – thousands) independent servers-nodes worldwide, and everything works in accordance with the unified consensus, algorithm, determined on the run of network.

Any net member, tried to forge transaction, should not be accepted by this network, as majority of participants have the reference copy of the distributed base on own nodes.


Platform in itself technically consists of two kinds of nodes:


1. Level A delegates – SmartHoldem participants, supporting the servers function, provide network functions and develop new blocks with transactions. It is necessary to install and set up special server. The number of the first level delegates at the start is limited to 64 persons. Any participant can become a delegate if he or she can win a sufficient number of votes. If a delegate does not do his job – stopped signing blocks, a new delegate being beyond a list of 64 participants, can take his place, in other words, delegates, waiting for own turn, maybe more and more. In effect, a network is supported by the qualitative servers, consisted of the delegates. Pure democracy model is run here.

2. Level B delegates – the special SmartHoldem nodes, responsible for distribution prize fund of the gameplays, obtained in poker game, for example. A winner can pick his money by deducting small rake percent. These commission fees are used to reward «mainers» for their supporting network. In order to become a level B delegate it is necessary to set up complete node, rather than a level A delegate, it is enough to have accessible in online mode computer, Raspberry PI also will serve, and there is need of minimal balance from 10. 000 and even more SmartHoldem coins. The more the second level being in operation, the better network stability is and less stock money on change. We do not forget about small token holders, for example, user who has 2. 000 coins on his own balance, can take the part in prize fund distribution from the gameplays, leased out his/her balance to the complete level B node.


In this way, we can obtain real functioning full-cycle gaming economy.

Platform base is a commission-free business case with the hybrid delegative two-level Proof-of-Stake consensus, which is more environmental friendly in comparison with the previous Proof-of-Work, required heavy electrical power expenses. At running 240 million cryptographic tokens are released with the first network block, which are completely distributed among participants of the SmartHoldem community in the course of performance ICO. The further emission is cannot be performed. Participants should obtain a prize fund «maining» at supporting network, when they set up new nodes (server nodes) in terms of fees for transaction and from the gameplays (buy-sell game things, per cent of the player’s money).


We used to call philosophy of the gaming network - Player and only players (PoP), as this system is self-managed beyond influence of the other participants on gameplay with players’ data encryption and record of the game results in the BlockChain without declaring identity.


We facilitated a process of the crypto-platform using on behalf of players. Unlike all-known Bitсoin system, player has no need to download the full-version BlockChain, because we use a new technology of smart wallet. Now it is enough to download special application – game client, where a player can start playing or make financial operation in the SmartHoldem network. In effect, game client development we can realize that a client is like Steam, with set of games, but completely decentralized. All the applications will be stored in the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, Interplanetary file system). We respect the players interests in the crypto-industry, plug-ins integration is also planned to be developed, a clear payment gate, working with the ordinary bank cards, for example Monaco, as the distributed servers.


3. Smart Holdem is developed only for poker hobbyists or can play in other games?


At the stage of platform maintenance the software design first was based on the new-style decentralized poker development, without organizers and administrators intervention. Poker game was chosen not without reason; it is a real player world. I think, this kind of game can fulfill maximum potential of the gaming platform and become a good example for game industry development in the decentralized networks with blockchain.


What it is working with is probability theory, combinations theory, online-servers function, game application interconnection with blockchain, game statistics, big tournament, voice and text messenger function in the decentralized network, API, new kind of transactions in the blockchain, smart contacts, other way for events, non-intervention and gaming integrity without other participants, alternative possibilities for game industry developers.


Answering: yes, the other games can be also managed on this platform, at the present day we have published game prototypes of different category (3D Shooter, Simulator, RPG, PvP) which are planned to be integrated in the SmartHoldem after Poker-Room. All the prototypes are playable and available


4. Are there specified minimum and maximum bets or everything entirely depend on players?

Two types of games, namely, Limit Texas Hold’em and No-Limit Texas Hold’em are designed in Poker-Room application, further development of this direction and types of poker are not limited. We create an entire ecosystem involving community players to sharpen better consensus among players and supernodes supporting the network. Poker rates depend upon player’s decision.


In the future it is intended to create rooms, the entrance to which will be determined by the balance of the game chips on the player account balance.

GameChips tokens are used as calculations in SmartHoldem Poker-Room game application.

In future versions, the user or any other developer have an access to the release of game assets for their applications based on the SmartHoldem BlockChain. The additional internal asset – GameChips (game chips) are used within the frames of game applications. GameChips current payment unit in SmartHoldem game application is purchased for STH tokens and always has a fixed ratio, 1000 GameChips = 1 STH.


5. When the game was created two techniques were applied: decentralization and the ability to play the cryptocurrency. Was the decision related to play the cryptocurrency made in connection with the fact that it is very popular nowadays or mainly because it is very important to play anonymously for players?


The decentralized format and cryptocurrencies is a logical pattern. A BlockChain is a distributed database meaning that data storage devices are not connected to a multi-unit server. This database stores an ever-increasing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a time stamp and a link to the previous block. As a result, the database which is managed anonymously without a single center is formed. This makes the BlockChains very convenient for the recording of events and data operations, identity management and source authentication.

The function which helps to set up trust relationships and identity authentication is implemented in the BlockChain. Nobody can change the chain of blocks without the corresponding keys. Changes which are not confirmed by these keys are rejected.

A new era of the gaming industry begins together with SmartHoldem, where players play an important role and have voice power.

I think the decentralized format was determined by the new conditions of the rapidly developing technology market. Players, developers and the community need the decentralized platform.

Advantages of Poker Room on the BlockChain of SmartHoldem decentralized platform:

- Anonymity

-A fast and convenient gaming client with a built-in light wallet

-Personal GameChain with secure game statistics

- Minimum commission charge on transactions

- Instantaneous and uncontestable transactions

-Unlimited amounts of incoming and outgoing transactions

-No restrictions on the part of third parties

- Built-in decentralized DNS support

-No overhead costs for the integration of payment systems and support of a centralized network of gaming servers

-Compact BlockChain

-PRNG with entropic Seed

-OSI encryption model + data compress in messages


6. Is it possible to say that SmartHoldem platform completely solves the problem of players that wish to play for money in poker, bypassing all statutory bans of the Russian Federation and other countries?

We provide BlockChain tools that guarantee the fairness of the games from Lotto to Poker which were confirmed in the SmartHoldem BlockChain. Any legal casino or Poker Room can integrate its gaming products into the platform, providing its players with honesty and openness.

Main characteristics of BlockChain SmartHoldem:

Total coins: 240,000,000 STH

Emissions: NO

Block generation time: ~ 5 sec.

Algorithm: 2nd level DPoS

Delegates of A level – 64

Delegates of B level – Unlimited

Main characteristics of the platform:

BlockChain API & Gaming SDK

Built-in ICO for GameDev

Built-in trading platform (assets, game items)

Built-in game servers

Betting system


Game client

Wallets for MAC OS, Nix, Win, Android

Additional Integration Modules Unity 3D 5 & Unreal Engine 4


Official Resources SmartHoldem: - official website of the platform - ICO multilingual office